– Video and Installation Artworks –


Video, Performance and Instillation.

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Earthline Tattooing Action

Tattooing Land

    #bushgallery Tattooing Action

Gallery 101 2015

Single Channel Video 2015

Bush Gallery









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Indigenous Tattoo Portraits

This series of oil paintings highlights figures from historic and contemporary Indigenous tattooing.


Ethnographic Tattoo Stencils

The lifeless sketches of ethnographers, explorers, traders and missionaries come to life in this series colorful aerosol and stencil works.


Salish and Formline Art

Prints, paintings and drawings inspired by formline, Coastal and Interior Salish artistic traditions.


Video, Installation, and Performance

In this section I will present the many performances, video and instillation works I have produced.


Dion Kaszas © 2017

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